Hope doesn’t seem to be a predominant part of theology being preached in church today. To many Christians, fear and doom seems to somehow make sense in light of the culture. We may have hope in Jesus, but it ends up being a far off hope.  It’s a future hope. But what about the present? What about today? This type of preaching makes me sick.

Hope also is a word that politicians have used again and again. It seems inspiring, but in the end it has no meaning when spoken from their list. Empty promises. Sound but no substance. It’s like cheap bubble gum. There’s an initial flush of flavor, but soon it becomes a labor to chew. Politicians make me sick.

I’ve been pondering hope lately because I recently had a friend attempt suicide. When I heard about it, I was completely taken me back. My wife and I spent time with her,laughing and having a good time – just hours before her attempt. Then, the next morning I got the phone call.

So, over the last week I’ve spent time talking with that friend. Actually, not much talking, but a whole lot of listening. And as I hear her talk, she describes being in a moment where hope didn’t exist. In the aftermath, she is even more tried and worn, still pondering if she wants to be here in this world. Hope is a hard thing for her to cling to, but something special has begun to happen around her.

What I’ve seen happen over the past week gives me hope. I’ve seen a community of friends begin to surround this hurting and broken young woman. I’ve seen people open up and share about deep pains in their lives with her. Authenticity has sprung out of this situations. I just wish it didn’t take a suicide attempt to make it happen. It’s amazing how things get real, I mean really, real and honest in light of situations like these. I have hope that when a group of believers surrounds someone and loves well – Christ is there. And anywhere Christ is present there is always hope. That is a real hope. A hope alive in the moment. It’s a hope for now.

In the face of suicide; there is hope. Where there is brokenness; there is hope. I believe that there is more for this young woman and it’s sad to say that it took an event like this to open her eyes to it. But her eyes are open now and that gives me hope.

Below is  a good reminder of hope. It’s a message from Rob Bell about how Love Wins. We forget that sometimes and this is a great and encouraging reminder.


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