Like her or not, you gotta admit that she’s got style. And beyond style, she’s also got a message. But I found that Helen Lee from the Washington Posts’s opinion that here new song “Born this Way” is laced with Christian themes.

From her attention to human suffering, I’m reminded of the Christian theme of uniting your sufferings with Christ’s suffering. Gaga is demanding that the marginalized be seen as the valuable, beautiful, Christ-like people they are.
Lady Gaga is eccentric for sure. She can be grotesque. She can be vulgar. But she is a role model of Christian virtue precisely because it seems unlikely that she would be. She has the potential to introduce God to so many people precisely because it doesn’t seem like she is doing so. Lady Gaga is telling a huge, devoted audience that God loves them.

-On Faith

Now while she may not be the next Billy Graham – I think that she’s definitely banging a drum of the gospel that the American church is afraid to sound right now. We’re afraid to love one another because it may seem like we agree with where the other person stands sexually, politically or otherwise. Christ called us to love without stipulation (I don’t think there was an asterisk on the Great Commandment). And besides, who say any of us have the corner of the market on truth. Life’s more complicated than that (and so is the Bible). So can we learn from the Lady G? You bet. Now, I’m off to put on my meat dress and go hand out some tracts on the corner.

Any thoughts?



  1. Hannibal says:

    Ha ha you and your 17th century political humor! It kills me every time.

    You know that handing out tracts takes no logic or reason… why apply it here?

  2. I really like the way you portrayed Lady G. I’ve always just kind of ignored her antics. I just labled her as “weird” and moved on. I’ll be paying more attention now.

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