Prayer and Flossing

Yes prayer and flossing, two ancient practices that I don’t practice nearly enough. Both are essential and both require commitment and diligence. So to make sure I do both, I’ve enlisted accountability partners. Yes, I have a floss accountability partner [stop laughing] and one for prayer. One’s Brazilian and the other the hot woman I married. I’ll let you decide which is which.

So here’s my pursuit: an hour of prayer a day (weekdays) and flossing every other day. I’m not looking to be legalistic [especially with the flossing] but just trying to walk towards life change. And if I’ve learned one thing it’s that life change isn’t done alone… you need a community [especially for dental hygiene].


  1. zenmamajo says:

    oh my goodness…a flossing accountability partner…uh…maybe i should ask my husband to be my accountability partner for..oh my…i can’t even top the flossing…big fan of stuff christians like too – great post

  2. Hannibal says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I may be indulging things a bit. She just leaves the floss box out for me on floss days – but when I’m on trips I get texts reminding me to floss…

  3. You certainly make me feel slightly accountable that we don’t even own a box of floss. I guess it just never makes it on the shopping list. I’m writing it down now! 🙂

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