Easter Resolutions

Image by: Clyde Robinson

I know resolutions are typically bundled with New Years, but I think we should tack on that tradition to Easter as well. This year’s resolution for Christians should be: “Let’s stop arguing with Atheists.” Seriously, we should. Just be quiet and respect them where they’re at. We often time do more damage by trying to change them. Following Christ has never been about a cerebral or logical argument. It’s about a choice of the heart and a walk of faith.

Why do I say this? Well, currently Lee Strobel is in a war of words with Ricky Gervais over Easter and atheism. Gervais started with writing about being a good Christian even though he’s Atheist.  Then Strobel countered with How Easter Killed my Faith in Atheism.

It just feels like arguments of these types (though both well spoken) tend to entrench both sides. Let’s enjoy Easter and focus on Christ and the needs of our community. That’s a better place to start. Otherwise we run the risk of just creating noise and losing Jesus in the argument.

Check out here Ricky Gervais’ colorful opinion of Easter. He’s a hardcore atheist and I think the chip on his shoulder has been cemented pretty well by fundamentalist Christians. It’s a funny bit – just be aware his mouth isn’t censored.   I love his line “a fundamentalist view of history is like an episode of the Flintstones!”

Any thoughts?

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