The Whole Ass

“Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.” 

With these word from the wise, etherial Ron Swanson, I declare the long pause to this blog officially over. I walked away from writing months ago to seek some clarity in my life. What started off as baby steps, turned into a big leap of faith. So as today, I am now in the ecstasy of free fall.

I’ve been in fulltime ministry for 11 years now and I found myself feeling stagnant and directionless. Ministry had become a job. So I quit. Well, quitting meant spending the last 5 months transitioning out of my former job so that I would finish well and make sure that my former ministry continued on well. From the moment I realized that I needed to leave, to this moment right – it has been quite a journey for me and my family.

I ultimately realized that if I was going to be the heretic I was born to be, I needed to open up my life and give the Lord room to step in. Some people think I’m crazy. Others don’t know what to think – but that’s what happens when you let go of certainty and embrace the unknown. I only knew that I was tried of talking about faith and not actually jumping out into faith. Over the next few weeks I’ll unpack my story and engage about what is currently happening.

So today, March 1, 2012 begins in that moment that my feet left the certainty of land and plunged out into the air…

Join me in this journey of free fall because it’s time for the whole ass.

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