Joel Osteen Can Has Cheezburger

I kind of see Joel Osteen like a cute kitten. You don’t expect kitty to understand algebra – you just pet it on the head and have it around because it’s darn adorable. Dumb as a bag of rocks, but still so adorable. That was my sentiment when I read this CNN post on Osteen and his beliefs about Mormonism and Mitt Romney (see question 3 of the post). It’s caused a bit of a stir, but just remember: Joel = kitten.

Have a look over at the interview: 5 Questions With Joel Osteen

And yes, Osteen helms a huge mega church and commands millions of followers with his “Aw Shucks” Andy Griffith charm meets Stuart Smalley‘s theology…  but then again I Can Has Cheezburger also commands millions daily viewers too! See, again, adorable cats.


What are your thoughts? Should we care what Osteen says?

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