What’s Your Orientation?

My wife and I were engaged deep in conversation the other night about proper toilet paper etiquette. Do you load the TP with overhang or under hang? It’s all about orientation. Clearly, as you can surmise, we’re intellectuals. Her vote was for under and I was over. So where does anyone go for useless information? Wikipedia, obviously.

And what did we find? Funny enough, we’re not the first ones to get deadlocked into such a debate. We just stepped into ages old dispute. Etiquette answer queen, Ann Landers, vehemently supports the unders. But before you all begin to rejoice, a 1989 survey found that 68% of Americans agree with the overs. Plus Oprah claims that the unders wastes more paper. Sadly, my wife was not swayed by Oprah’s endorsement. Shocker, right? So it seems that we’re nowhere closer to a resolve… the debate continues. Right now, he (or she) who kills it (the roll of toilet tissue) must fill it. It’s kind of like eminent domain. Or is it squatters rights? Any input or advice, my dear readers?

How does your toilet paper hang?


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