Shut Up and Mourn

Image by: Joseph Novak

The senseless acts that occurred this week at Sandy Hook Elementary School are an absolute horror that no words can come close to express the grief, shock and pain to those who were involved. This is not a time for words.

This is not the time to debate gun rights (pro or con). To the nuts on both side of this debate: please shut up. This is not the time for exploitation or commentary. To media outlets and talking heads on tv: please shut up. This is not the time for religious jargon or trite platitudes. To all of those using this as an opportunity share your moral and pious perspective or opinions: please shut up. This is not a time to place blame on the schools, lawmakers or government. To those using this as a ideological platform for discourse: please shut up.

This is not a time for noise or chatter. This is not a time for your opinions or beliefs – this is the time to mourn and a time for sorrow and grief.  We mourn in our silence in the deep places that ache from within us. We mourn for the families and pray. We surround and help those that need support. In the ancient Jewish culture this time was called Shivah. It was a time of condolence, respect and remembrance that was offered to the families. It was about supporting those who were experiencing great loss. You would sit with the family in silence, because there are no words fit to ease the grief and pain. Mourning is a show of respect to the departed and the families left behind.

In the wake of these unthinkable acts, this is a time for us to weep, to pray and to support those experiencing grief and loss. This time is about the departed and those loved ones who are left behind. This is not about us, so simply be silent and mourn.


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