Questions about Jesus and Guns


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I’ve been watching you lately and listening to what you’re saying. No, I’m not in the bushes outsides your house late at night – I’m just observing your conversations and postings happening on Facebook & Twitter and over your blogs. It’s evolving over the news outlets everyday. And maybe calling it a conversation is too generous of a word. Diatribe is more fitting. Either way, it’s not as simple of an issue as it was when it first began.

What started out as a debate over gun control debate our country has now become about something deeper. It’s one thing to have honest political debate about government, but something dramatically changes in the conversation when faith gets involved. It gets uglier, personal and divisive.

So here are some questions that I’ve been pondering lately and I offer them to you – with no agenda in mind – just 5 simple questions:

1) Why do we become so distracted & consumed by issues like this and not over ones such as poverty or injustice?

2) What is at the center of this vitriol and rage and are you aware of how your responses and actions makes you look to others?

3) Should this issue matter to Christians and/or would it even matter to Jesus?

4)  Regardless of which side you find yourself on, have you become a part of someone else’s agenda?

5) How does this conversation fit within the context of the gospel and your faith walk?

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