Djesus or Jesus: Who Do You Follow?

[Warning: this video contains violent imagery]

Some may call this sacrilege. I call it funny. Ultimately, this SNL sketch has less to do with Christ and more to do with Tarantino.

But it did get me thinking. As I watched through this parody of Tarantino it also seemed to also be a pretty good parody of the American Church as well. We laugh at this sketch because it seems so far from the teachings and life of Christ. It’s absurdist comedy. Jesus was about serving others, forgiveness and mercy. Djesus is on a different sort of mission. He is all about revenge and violence.

If we look at how American Christianity is evolving today. I see Christians becoming an angry, vengeful and political bunch. It almost seems like following after Djesus is the new shift in American Evangelicalism.

How divisive have we become as a people of faith? Now, I’m not saying all churches (and Christians) out there are way off, but what I am commenting to here is the overall zeitgeist of the Christian voice in our culture today. It’s that loud drumbeat of fear and anger that tends echo the loudest. That particular voice seems to tear town more than it builds up. Simply using words from the Bible to try to prove your point doesn’t make your point Biblical. When those words don’t match up with the Bible’s message of love, redemption, grace and peace then you’re taking things out of context. You’re using scripture to prop up your own world agendas.

This week as you watch the news, read blogs, interact over Facebook or Twitter and listen to sermons & podcasts… ask yourself:

  • Has this issue [insert your issue] become more politically driven than Biblical?
  • Which kingdom does this agenda or voice identify with more: God’s or America’s?
  • Does this seem to be in the mold of Jesus or Djesus?

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