How Do We Speak of the Gospel

Christ’s call of the Gospel isn’t a proposition for a different way to live or a certain set of rules. It’s a dare. A dare to not fall in love with the person of Jesus. Nothing more, nothing less.

So often we package the Gospel as a offer. Jesus will forgive your sins if… I think the scandal of Christ is something so much richer and deeper than a sales pitch. Once we boil it down to an accept/reject decision – the beauty of the gospel is lost. It’s something much, much more than that. God is calling you to enter into a life with him. This life involves discovery, growth, grace and peace.

Listen to Hang with Me by Robyn.

She begins with:

Will you tell me once again
How we’re gonna be just friends?
If you’re for real and not pretend
Then I guess you can hang with me

Often times we end up asking God this question. We’re always looking for what’s in it for us, but we’ve got it all wrong. It’s the other way around. Christ is the one asking us, “are you looking for a friend or a savior?” Are we looking for something real and life-changing? Or just a buddy Jesus?

I love the chorus in this song. It’s simply a dare: 

Just don’t fall
Recklessly, headlessly in love with me
Cause it’s gonna be
All heartbreak
Blissfully painful and insanity
If we agree you can hang with me

I think that in the Gospels, Christ is daring us not to follow him. Look at his interactions with the disciples. He’s never begging them to stay. Something deeper stirs them. Jesus never goes around begging people to follow Him. His way, his essence, His Kingdom, were all far too compelling and transcendent to be boiled down into a proposition. It also wasn’t merely about forgiveness or sin. This was God in the flesh dwelling with mankind. It was something more profound, absolutely moving and completely undeniable that went way beyond words. It was an offer to have your world turned upside down.

Try adequately to describe a beautiful sunset or the majesty of snow covered mountains on a clear day. Words are not adequate. There are some things that are beyond explanation.  Do we speak of the Gospel like it’s a dare and something beyond words? Or do we describe it in terms that are rigid, technical and/or harsh?

How we articulate the Gospel is key. How we live it is essential. Do we speak imaginatively with the passionate words of poets? Do we live lives that echo the the beauty, humility and majesty of the Christ’s life?

Let’s begin to remember that the Gospel was never about us. It’s all about Christ.

What do you think? Do we dare to live that way?


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