How You View It

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“The Bible is a misunderstood book. People use it in way which would make its original writers shudder. Some use the Bible as a complete guide to world history, accepting without question its interpretation of the major historical events of the ancient near Eastern civilizations. Others use the Bible as a guide to future events, developing charts and maps of the end of the world and finding allusions to contemporary leaders in its pages. Still others see the Bible as a recipe book for successful living, quoting favorite texts as assurance of prosperity and happiness. Finally, there are those who see the Bible as the ultimate proof of their theology, turning to isolated verses of Scripture to prove their own particular doctrine.

But the Bible is none of these. It is neither a guide to world history nor to future events. It is neither a map to successful living nor a lawbook for theology. To use the Bible in any of these ways is to manipulate it.

Why not allow the Bible to speak for itself? What is the Bible about? It is about Israel’s (Old Testament) and the Church’s (New Testament) developing perception of God at work in the world. The Bible deals with the exciting fact that God is constantly making himself known to people.”

– From The People Who Saw God by Robert Linthicum

It’s amazing how much power perception has to inform our worldview and our faith.

So how does this statement sit with you? Agree or disagree? What lens do you use to view and process the Bible?

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