Is Your Good News the Same as My Good News?

So what is the gospel? What do we mean when we say that word? I know it’s a loaded question, but how do we articulate its meaning and also live it out well? I find that many times, it can become such a tired and overused term that seems to means drastically different things to drastically different people. Is it Christ’s work of salvation or is there something more going on here when we speak of the gospel? Here, N.T. Wright articulately answer the question and I like the spin he puts on it.

I just wish there was an “Ask N.T. Wright” app out there or something like ChaCha out there where I could pose questions and have him answer. He’s always so insightful, putting a fresh, yet ancient context on things. When it comes to Wright, I always find myself being blessed every time I encounter him.

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