A Life of Excessive Generosity

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Here is a great talk from Jeff Shinabarger at TEDxPeachtree on living generously. There is a power to giving without expecting anything in return. When we speak of generosity, I don’t mean necessarily mean the buying of gifts. Picture the excesses of Black Friday looming in the distance. Is that generosity? Hardly. It’s consumerism hidden under wrapping paper. The holiday seasons has become more and more about excess. Generosity speaks towards something very different.

You see, living generously is not a one time event, it’s s a posture; a way of life exemplified by acts of love and compassion. It’s about of the giving of one’s self, and not necessarily about the buying of gifts (or the money associated with buying those gifts). Generosity is always about giving of yourself. What that looks like in practice can take different forms. For some, it may be about giving money, but others, it is about giving of time, help or expertise. 

It starts as simply as becoming more present and aware of your neighborhood or community. As you begin to walk through this week, keep your eyes opened and ask yourself,  “what are the needs of people community and how can I help?” Generosity happens when you begin to step forward help others. It’s a simple of a concept, yet requires you to step out of your comfort zone and do something. Life always gets interesting outside of your comfort zone – you never know what can happen there.

There is a Nigerian saying, “it is the heart that does the giving; the fingers only let go.” Let us become a people who learn to let go well and live generously.

For more on Jeff’s organization Gift Card Giver: http://www.giftcardgiver.com


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