Standing Up for Our Teachers


North Carolina teachers continue to suffer at the hands of several recent legislative blows. Right now, North Carolina teacher salaries rank 46th in the nation. Recently, our the state passed a budget that froze teacher’s pay (the 5th time 6 years) and also ENDED TENURE and PAY INCREASES for teachers with advanced degrees. We continue to expect more out of educators by giving them less and less. They get large class sizes and less pay. Our teachers deserve better than this and neither do our students. Here’s a Megan Taber, one of my son’s awesome and hardworking teachers, who, after working seven years, now makes less than when she began teaching. [vimeo] Because of this poor treatment, we’re now losing educators to other states, while others teachers are quitting and simply finding different jobs. This is shocking and appalling, but not all that surprising with the way politics have gone in recent years in Raleigh. So what can you do? Our outrage is useless unless it pushes us towards action. Here are a few ideas:

  •  Make sure your local teachers know they are loved and appreciated. Write notes of appreciation, give gift cards, and volunteer to help at your local schools. A little encouragement goes along way.
  • Call your state and local officials again and again. I’m not exactly calling for harassment, but essentially I am. Make our voices of disgust and outrage heard.
  • Vote. For god-sake vote. You have no right to complain about the government unless you’re doing the simple duty of voting every time we have a chance.
  • Turn out for town hall meetings and protests. Again, let your outrage be heard.

If we care about the educational future of our future generations, this is an issue that affects everyone. Our teachers deserve better than this.

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