NC Bathrooms and 30 Seconds or Less

A snarky take on HB2 and faith.

Snarky Faith 5/31/16


A rundown of the NC HB2 Bathroom bill along with an interview with Jim Kast-Keat, the curator of the 30 Seconds or Less project. What does faith and HB2 have to do with Christianity? Plenty.

Join us as we skewer through life, culture and spirituality. Tune in to find out more.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Practical issue: men’s bathrooms are disgusting; by and large, the ladies rooms are clean.

    I see the sudden emergence of a problem most of us weren’t really aware of and the swift and heavy-handed government (federal and state) “solution”. What is the best idea? Where are the studies? Where is the research?

    The problem I have is that the “solution” is foisted on schools, with children and not grown-ups. Moreover, the trans issue is a way to distract the voting public from the scandals in DC by turning us against each other, conservatives against the liberals. Looks like it worked.

    Thanks for a provocative topic.

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