The Divine Dance Interview with Mike Morrell

The Divine Dance Interview
A snarky take on the Trinity and The Divine Dance

Snarky Faith 12/13/16


A rundown of the new bestselling book, The Divine Dance, with co-author Mike Morrell. Mike wrote the book with spiritual heavyweight Father Richard Rohr. Does the Trinity really matter today in contemporary Christianity? Morrell and Rohr would assert an affirming, “YES!” So join us as we delve into why the Trinity matters in today’s world, what this means for us and how we can return again to our spiritual roots. Anyone in the mood to dance with us?

Tune in to find out more…

Download an exclusive bonus chapter to The Divine Dance over at Mike’s blog here.

WARNING: this interview may rankle the ire of Calvinists and the Gospel Coalition, but that just means all the more snarky fun for the rest of us! Enjoy.


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