What’s Good // What’s Bad 1.17.17

This is a new weekly feature giving you the best of what’s good and what’s bad out there in  the snarkiverse. This content is explored more in-depth on our weekly radio show, Snarky Faith,  so you should check that out too. With out further adieu… here’s your rundown this week of the good, bad and ugly of the interwebs. Enjoy!

•Pharma Bro (Martin Shkreli) gets a surprise that I feel is my doo-ty to share with you. I don’t condone this type of behavior, but I do find it a bit funny and oh, so satisfying.

check out NY Daily News

•With the Trump inauguration around the corner, could I interest you in some comic books featuring his best tweets? Hello, escapism, my old friend…

check out Huffington Post

•Taco Bell Debuts the Naked Chicken Chalupa, a taco in which the shell is made completely of fried chicken. And I thought that Taco Bell was only good for diarrhea… yo quiero heart attack anyone?

check out USA Today

•Man counts to 100,000 live on YouTube because… well, just because. And yes, he has over 100,000 hits on YouTube already. So if any of you forgot how to count, this should help.

•Is popculture having a metaphysical moment? I’m not sure, but if Westworld and The OA are any inkling, call me intrigued.

check out Religion New

•Russell Brand may annoy you, but he certainly has some very good questions about the current political climate, how we got here, and what to do next?

If you see any snark-worthy news, feel free to send it us: questions@snarkyfaith.com. Have a great week!









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