After the Protests

after the protests
A snarky take on protesting

Snarky Faith 1/24/17


A rundown of all you need to know about protesting. Did the Women’s March on Washington accomplish anything? What do you do after the protests are over? We’ll delve into those topics and more as we look into the anatomy of a protest and also how people of faith should respond. We’ve also got What’s Good? What’s Bad? chronicling the interweb’s best and worst of the week. Join us as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

Tune in and come along for the ride…



  1. Enlightenment for Schmucks says:

    I had some of the same thoughts about the situation we find ourselves in politically – that it is going to force us to self-empower and make more decisions on the local level, which gives us more control. I think we’re seeing the start of that with all the protests, and all the grass-roots movements aimed at refusing the status quo (think Standing Rock, which has spread the pipeline protest across the country.) This is a fantastic podcast – I’m not very patient and tend to click off them after a few minutes. However, this is a fascinating take on our world, and you just got yourself a new subscriber. One thing I’d add is to not be fearful, but instead take action, take action, take action – this includes both inner and outer action to self-empower ourselves.

  2. GLORY to God current events are endtime signs Jesus warned about so is the testrun to GOD’S KINGDOM coming soon to take over all world kingdoms as predicted by Book of Daniel in the Bible. So only THOSE IN CHRIST God calls His Children although all human beings are GOD’S creation. God allows only His Children to be part of His KINGDOM. This current changes taking place will soon turn into Rapture when Christ accepts only those in Christ into heaven alive before the great tribulation commences. All who reject Christ as GOD’S Chosen Ambassador will be left behind. And during the Reign of Christ on earth after His Second Coming only those who accept Jesus will belong in GOD’S Rule over earth. All will face wrath of God and be judged then condemned into hell fire. So the action to take is have a personal relationship with God in Christ through the Holy Spirit to qualify for God’s GIFT of eternal life FOREVER. Sadly, God will turn away those who reject His Son Jesus Christ the MESSIAH so take action make sure you belong to God in Christ Jesus. No man can save mankind infact God says cursed be those who put confidence in man rather than Trust God to SAVE them. Mankind’s actions thousands of years prove there will be no peace until the PRINCE OF PEACE Yeshua takes over to Reign on earth in Perfect Peace.

  3. Stuart Delony says:

    Thanks so much for the listen, subscription, and comment! You’re absolutely right about action. We must remain vigilant, mobilized and awake.

  4. Stuart Delony says:

    Well… all of that may be good and well, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we need to remain dialed in and engaged to do the hard work of Jesus here and now. Whether or not the rapture is a thing doesn’t matter in regards to our call to help the hurting and bring tangible healing and peace in the world today. Not looking to argue here, just pointing out that this isn’t a time for rapture induced escapism.

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