What’s Good // What’s Bad 2.28.17

This weekly feature gives you the best of what’s good and what’s bad out there in the snarkiverse. This content is explored more in-depth on our weekly radio show, Snarky Faith, so you should check that out too. Without further adieu… here’s your rundown this week of the good, bad and ugly of the interwebs. Enjoy!

• Did you catch the Oscar flub heard ’round the world? I loved the look on Warren Beatty’s face when he looked at the incorrect card… it sooo reminded me of what it looks like when my mom tries to take a picture with her iPhone. It’s almost as laughable as the fact that Mike Pence uses an AOL email account. That should be grounds for something…

• Oh, Iowa state Senator, Mark Chelgren… you made quite the faux pas when you decided to post in your government website bio that you had a business degree, when in fact, all you had was a certificate from a Sizzler restaurant’s training program. When asked about this ‘mistake’ Chelgren replied that he was confused with the terms  “…because apparently a degree and a certificate are different.” I worked at Chuck E. Cheeses when I was a teenager, does that mean that I’m a licensed animal control officer? Perhaps.  [WaPo]

• Peeps are now an annual Lenten/Easter tradition. This year, they have debuted a new, limited edition Oreo Peeps. While that is news in itself, folks are noticing that eating these processed delicacies have had quite the reaction. Not only does it dye your tongue pink… it also has a similar effect on your poo. Does it count if we give up regularly colored poo for Lent?  [Huff Po]

• Looks like Jesus needs to give up escalators for Lent…

• Jesus isn’t the only zombie you’ll encounter this Easter season, Randolph county residents in Indiana had a bit of a scare when emergency radio alerts of a zombie attack were broadcast last week. They were later deemed to be the product of a joke/hack, but it’s gotta make you wonder. Stranger Things do happen in Indiana…

Either way, stay vigilant, my snarky friends and remember the quote from Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, “Humans who believe they have outrun their undead pursuers might do well to remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, adding, of course, that in this instance the hare stands a good chance of being eaten alive.”  😉


If you see any snark-worthy news that’s either good or bad, feel free to send it us: questions@snarkyfaith.com. Have a great week!