Secrets: An Interview with Author Kris Lowen

a snarky interview with author Kris Lowen about his upcoming book

Secrets have great power over us.  We’ve seen the damage that happens when they remain in the dark. Sometimes revealing them can be liberating. Other times, they can take you down. They either hold you back or launch you forward. On the show, we sit down with Kris Lowen the author of the upcoming book, Hidden: a book about secrets.  Kris is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch his new book. Kris is an avid blogger, speaker and serves as a pastor for Walla Walla University Church. Join us for an intimate conversation about the things we try to hide and a different way to live.

If you’re interested in supporting this book launch, you can find out more information at:

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.




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