Bad Education

a snarky take on Betsy Devos

Let’s talk about what happens when you mix the American educational system with a snake oil sales(wo)man with a twisted sense of entitlement and a broken lens of faith. Betsy Devos has proved, thus far, to be a nightmare Secretary of Education. The problem lies in toxic religious ideology and how it frames the way people like Devos view the world. The Religious Right and their hateful emissaries are wreaking havoc on the minorities and discriminated class in the country. When it comes to education, this misguided worldview hits the vulnerable populations of children and young people in America.

Let’s be clear, none of this has to do with Jesus, even though they do enjoy using his name frequently. Christ commanded his followers to care for the marginalized and discriminated in our culture whereas Devos is all about oppressing them. All Americans do not live on a level playing field and these religious fanatics continue to exacerbate it all in the name of Jesus. The problem is this isn’t Christianity. It’s the toxic, self-serving Religious Right that gave us President Trump.

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.



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