Tump’s Executive Order On Religious Liberty

A snarky take on religious liberty

This week, we’ll break down Trump’s executive order on religious liberty and why it’s a bad idea for America and Christianity. Evangelicals rejoice every time orders or legislation like this are signed. If they understood the fundamental issue with proclamations like these, they would actually realize that they are very un-Jesus-y. They are damaging to the focus of the Christian faith and also sully the compassionate ways of Jesus. Do Christians care? Probably not.

These are simply legal proclamations that are more political than they are religious and that’s a huge problem. When political power becomes our God, the actual God of the Bible becomes inert and feckless. God in the political sphere doesn’t matter if we can find our own political gods. Religiously speaking, this is idolatry and it has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God or its ethics. It’s more akin to Jim Bakker’s end-of-times food buckets. They’re all show, little substance and they play to the conservative base. In the end, they don’t accomplish much aside from pushing the fake narrative that Christians are persecuted and need to withdraw and insulate themselves from the prevailing culture. Such a withdrawal is a direct affront to the Kingdom of God and actually has little to do with religious liberty.

So what does all of this accomplish? Not much. It just serves to allow the faithful to acquiesce their responsibilities as a follower of Jesus. In effect, they’ve become spiritual spectators of the faith. Join us as we talk through this smoke screen that only seeks to distract us from what matters most. Will we be snarky? You bet. More importantly, we’ll hit on this and the rest of the Christian craziness of the week.

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

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