The Trump Dump

A snarky take on the problem with saviors
Ordinary people when working together have the power to break the backs of important empires. And the empire, when people are united, is never stronger than the will of the people.
– Ruby Sales

We’re living in a post-Muller report world and it’s a stark reminder that we put too much faith in saviors. Your political persuasion doesn’t matter. Whether we had the hope that Muller would save us from the ongoing Trump dump or if we thought that Trump was the orange messiah to save us from the brink, we were fooling ourselves. When we put hope in false messiahs, we’re abdicating our own role in change. We’re ignoring our own abilities, talents, perspectives, and greatness.

We always seem to be in a search for people that offer us the solutions that lead us towards change. They could be politicians, celebrities, pastors, authors or influencers but they’re all the same. They’re only a distraction and a false hope. When will we wake up and realize this?

If we want real and lasting change, the hard work in making the world a better place is in our hands. To change our communities,  we don’t need messiahs or saviors. We need ordinary people working together for a common cause. The saviors are dangerous when we expect them to fix everything.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Change comes from all of us doing our part to make a difference. Change starts with you.

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

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