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Science vs Religion

A snarky take on the battle between science vs religion

Snarky Faith 9/6/16


A rundown of the ongoing, colossal battle of science vs religion. These two arenas of thought have long been pitted against one another, but does it have to be that way? Instead of taking an ‘either/or approach,’ maybe we should look at this through a lens of ‘and.’  Can science and religion play nice with one another? Could they even potentially make beautiful music together? Join us to hear what that would look like as we skewer through life, culture and spirituality.

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Superheroes, Science and Religion

Snarky Faith 4/5/16


A rundown of why science and religion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Much like Batman verses Superman, these titians are often pitted against each other but shouldn’t be. Join us as we pick apart the supposed divide between science and religion.  Are we right on or completely wrong? Tune in to find out.