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God Hates Football


Does God hate football? I have no idea, but let’s talk about Russell Wilson. He seems to be the new Christian football messiah. With Tebow out of the game, Wilson has taken up the cross (someone had to).

Here’s his now famous interview after the Seahawks-Packers game. 

First off, I’m all for thankfulness and humility. I also have nothing against Wilson personally… he seems to be a good guy that lives a life of character. What I do take issue with is the thanking of God in such trivial situations.

Does God really care about football? I have no clue, but I do have a few questions like:

Does God love Wilson and hate Aaron Rodgers?

If the Seahawks had lost… does God still love them?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Christians love to put God into weird cultural boxes.[/tweet_box]

Facebook has exploded with props for Wilson sharing his faith and rallied up the Christians who feel the need to share their faith through posting things online. I just think all of this is silly.

Are sports one of the few places in the world where we see divine intervention these days?

Over on Deadspin they had more of Wilson elaborating post game on his belief that God made the win more interesting by purposefully creating a greater degree of difficulty. Speaking to the transformation to an overall horrible game for the QB and then transforming it into an incredible performance at the end, Wilson said:

“That’s God setting it up, to make it so dramatic, so rewarding, so special…I’ve been through a lot in life, and had some ups and downs.  It’s what’s led me to this day.”

Football is a game. Players, like Wilson, get paid exorbitant amounts of money to play it. And again I’ll say that it’s a game. In a world torn apart by injustice, economic disparity, and violence…

I’d hope that God would be paying attention to the important things… not being a divine puppet master manipulating sporting events. That’s not God, that’s organized crime. Sounds more like the Mafia than Jesus.

Jesus died… so he can be glorified by sports events? Ha ha. No. 

If this were to be true, then maybe it was God who deflated those footballs for the Patriots? If God could part the Red Sea and Jesus could heal the lame and poor, then dropping 2 lbs of pressure out of 11 footballs should be a cake walk.

 What about you? Any thoughts about God and football?