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Leatherbound Terrorism

A Kratzer take on Conservative Evangelicalism

Chris Kratzer is that unique voice crying out from the wilderness in these crazy times. Conservative Evangelicalism has become a cancer on American Christianity. In his new book, Leatherbound Terrorism, Kratzer is an absolute wrecking ball. He speaks in real, raw, and honest truths exposing how far Christianity has moved from its source.

Through his own experiences serving as a conservative pastor for 23 years, Chris shares stories from his journey of disillusionment and the nagging questions that eventually awakened him to the depths of God’s grace. Chris is a brave truth-teller and a unique voice.

If you’ve also found yourself disillusioned by the church, this is the book for you. It holds no punches, but it’s also hopeful as it offers an alternative to a faith that has long been hijacked, institutionalized, and monetized. The church is broken and in need of fixing.

This book is a hope-filled message that needs to be heard in the age of Trump and the Religious Right. It reminds us God’s love wins out. There is hope. There is more. This book is a call to step outside of institutionalized Christianity in order to find Jesus.

Join us for a wild ride as we talk with Chris about Leatherbound Terrorism. The book is a great read and this show is a wild ride. Enjoy!

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

Leatherbound Terrorism is available on Amazon 

For more on Chris Kratzer click HERE

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The Belief Books: An Interview with Josh Naaman

A snarky take on why conversation matters

This week, we’ll sit down with Josh Naaman, the author, host and sole creator of the podcast The Belief Books. Beliefs inform our actions and Josh believes that analyzing these beliefs helps progress humanity leading us to interact with each other and the Earth in more positive ways. With this project, Josh seeks to talk about and explore beliefs through conversations with people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Josh is a believer in the power of conversation and its ability to transform perspectives and communities. We live in an age where the notion of dialogue has been replaced with a debate. It’s no longer about learning from one another; it’s about winning an argument. This is a troubling path for sure, but there’s always hope to change our ways. Join us for this conversation about how to engage in meaningful conversations with people who don’t believe what you believe. A continued descent into political polarization and fracture isn’t the way to healing. It’s not even constructive. It’s time to try something new. The ultimate hope is that we can always learn something from someone else and conversations are key.

Check out The Belief Books podcast here. It’s well worth your time and you can thank me later!

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

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Another Shooting

A snarky talk about guns in America

Another mass shooting, another day in America. This is becoming all too common. The shooting in Parkland, Florida is just a symptom of a larger problem plaguing America. This week we’ll talk about the tone-deaf response from many Christians and the NRA funded enablers in Congress. This isn’t the world our children deserve, but unless we make a change, it’s the one they will inherit. We mourn the losses, but also look for a way to change the pattern. As Christians, we should seek tangible and coherent answers to gun violence. We can’t let the lure of American Christianity inform our perspective. Jesus calls us to non-violence and that must be the only way.

We also catch up with documentarian Christopher Maloney and talk about his film In God We Trump that premiers at the Big Sky film festival this past week. Chris journeyed across the country interviewing people about the Trump’s evangelical backed win. His insights informed this relevant documentary that’s a look at how evangelical Christianity brought us to the breaking point in America.

If you’re interested in hosting a screening of the film, you can sign up at www.InGodWeTrumpFilm.com.

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.



Grace is Brave

A snarky talk about grace

This week, we sit down with author, Chris Kratzer. Chris was a pastor for 22 years before he had enough of the hypocrisy and bigotry in the church. He completely walked away from ministry and almost everything Christian, yet he couldn’t shake his love of Jesus. His message of grace may be in line with orthodox Christianity but not so much with evangelicalism. Captured by the pure Gospel of God’s love and compassion, Chris now focuses on communicating the message of wholeness, equality, affirmation, and the beauty of Jesus, particularly as it relates to life, culture, and church. This interview is a wild, snarky, and fun ride that’s fueled by grace and Chris’ unique outlook on life and spirituality. He is an inspiration to all of us who love Jesus but don’t really know what to do with the church anymore. Let us join in on Chris’ assertion that grace is brave. May we all seek to be brave.

You can check out his work here: http://chriskratzer.com. You’ll thank me later.

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.



Who’s Right in the Gun Control Debate?

In the wake of yet another horrific mass shooting, we are caught in the middle of another name calling tug-of-war between gun-rights advocates and gun-control advocates.

One side paints their opponents as backwards rednecks that will tolerate mass shootings as acceptable losses so long as they get to keep their shiny sticks that go “bang-bang.”

The other side believes their adversaries are emotionally driven, naive socialists who want to take everyone’s guns away to make way for a new communist regime.

But is there any common ground?

What if both groups really want the same thing?

What if both sides actually want to prevent gun violence and future mass shootings?

I know it seems hard to believe that both sides have a common goal, but what if we assumed the best about each other?  And we try to believe that we all want to prevent our children from being victims of another mass shooting…but we have different beliefs on how to achieve that objective?

What if we tried to understand that gun-rights advocates really believe that the best way to protect our families, homes, schools, and our children is to have freer access to guns?  And that gun regulations make our families and children less safe?

What if they’re really following Jesus’ warning to “be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Mat 10:16) in this dangerous world and to be prepared because “if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one” (Luke 22:36)?

What if we really truly believed that gun-rights advocates believe that more guns makes the world a safer place?

And what if we tried to understand that gun-control advocates really believe that the best way to protect our families, homes, schools, and children is to have less guns in the world? That the unrestricted access we have to guns in our country makes us less safe?

What if they’re really following Jesus’ command to “put away your sword, because those who use the sword will die by the sword” (Mat 26:52)?

What if we really truly believed that gun-control advocates believe that less guns makes the world a safer place?

So what do we do when two groups want the same thing, but have directly opposing solutions?

Can we set our biased emotions aside, stop vilifying the other side, and try to believe that we all want the same thing?

And what if we actually made room for the possibility that our solution to the problem may be wrong?  

Because what were doing right now isn’t working.  People are dying.

If handing out guns to every man, woman, and child means that no-one else ever has to die from a madman hunting them…then I’ll be the first in line to hand them out.

But if turning in our weapons means that not one more man, woman, or child has to die needlessly from a bullet…then I’ll be the first in line to hand in my gun.

Or maybe there’s a solution in-between the two extremes we can discover…if we choose to respect each other and believe that we all want the same thing.

Joel Varner has served in ministry for the past 15 years. He is a pastor in Albany, Oregon equipping and training missional community leaders. Joel works with his wife Brenna, of 14 years, and their two daughters. You can find him on Facebook.

Science vs Religion

A snarky take on the battle between science vs religion

Snarky Faith 9/6/16


A rundown of the ongoing, colossal battle of science vs religion. These two arenas of thought have long been pitted against one another, but does it have to be that way? Instead of taking an ‘either/or approach,’ maybe we should look at this through a lens of ‘and.’  Can science and religion play nice with one another? Could they even potentially make beautiful music together? Join us to hear what that would look like as we skewer through life, culture and spirituality.

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