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Pastor Burnout

A snarky take on pastor burnout in the church

Snarky Faith 10/11/16


A rundown of the problem with pastor burnout in the church. On a congregation by congregation basis, this problem can be overlooked. When you begin to look at burnout on a macro level, you begin to see a repeating pattern that goes unnoticed or is too often swept under the rug. Why have churches become burnout factories for clergy? Join us as we look into this epidemic and offer a different way as we skewer through life, culture and spirituality.

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Enabling Crazy

This guy is absolutely freaking nuts… but he’s not the issue of this post. That would be too easy. You just listen for 30 seconds and know he’s a nut-job.

What I’m curious about is: how does he have group of followers? I mean, you hear him tell a story once, and you may chuckle. Then, when you realize that he’s serious – walk out of the church! One of the problems of the American church isn’t that many of the pastors are lunatics (and many are). The problem is that some pastors are crazy and many of us choose to follow them. We’re enablers. Guys like this one get a church, acquires a following, and then, somehow it grows like an exploding tumor running down someone’s leg.

Now, I know that if you’re reading this post (and can actually read for that matter) you probably don’t follow a guy this one. But there’s a more subtle crazy going on in churches today. Things may bother us, but we brush them off and let them happen. When that happens, crazy starts to grow. So if you ever find yourself saying or thinking during your next church service any of the below statements… you just might be enabling crazy:

  • Wow, that sounds off base!
  • I’m pretty sure that remark is misogynistic, racist or sexist (or all of the above)!
  • I don’t think Jesus ever said that!
  • After hearing that, my faith is actually embarrassed!
  • It’s really starting to feel like I’m in 1940’s Germany right now!
  • Hey, there’s Franklin Graham!

Let us be informed, proactive Christians that take our faith and our churches seriously. So remember tolerating crazy enables crazy.