Leaning Forward with Karl and Laura Forehand

Leaning Forward with Karl and Laura Forehand

The Forehands: Not Your Typical Spiritual Guides

Let's get one thing straight: Karl and Laura Forehand aren't here to sell you the same old, tired spiritual clichés. Nope, they're here to wrestle—wrestle with beliefs, wrestle with trauma, and maybe even wrestle with you a bit. So, buckle up, because this episode of Snarky Faith is about to get real.

Deconstruction: More Than Just a Buzzword

Ah, deconstruction—the buzzword that's been making the rounds in spiritual circles faster than you can say "heretic." But what does it really mean? And more importantly, what comes after? Karl and Laura are here to break it down, and trust us, they're not pulling any punches.

Pathways Forward: Because Stagnation is Overrated

We've all been there—stuck in the muck of outdated beliefs, toxic religious practices, and spiritual stagnation. But how do you move forward? Or should we say, how do you Lean Forward? Karl and Laura share their insights, and let's just say, it's not your grandma's spiritual advice.

Snarky Takeaways

Look, if you're here for a feel-good, Kumbaya moment, you're in the wrong place. But if you're looking for a raw, unfiltered, and yes, snarky take on spirituality, deconstruction, and the journey ahead, then this episode is a must.

We'll talk about all that and plenty more snark!

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