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This Man Is Different

This man is one unique human being and I know without a doubt that God shattered the mold after Stuart was created. This man is energetic, passionate, called, clear-minded and open-minded. I enjoy his podcast/radio show and the work it does to free people from religious bonds and to heal people from religious trauma.

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Definitely enjoyable, but it would be nice to see more of a focus on some of Jesus’ most radical economic teachings and the profound impact they can have on the world if lived out by more Followers, such as Mt. 6:24 and Lk. 12:33 & 14:33...

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The sarcasm is a bit much

Tried to listen as I understand the western church has issues. I found the sarcasm to be odd putting which clouded what I could hear as emerging good subject matter.

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Perfect mix of humor and raw truth

Every week Stuart brings equal parts laughs and raw authenticity around the topics of faith and politics. An absolute must listen!

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I’m Hooked

Just listened to my first episode. I’m in love with this podcast. Very engaging and real stuff.

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Jim Baker Bucket of Puddin’ End Times Special

I laughed out loud.

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An Idiot's Guide to Prophets

Grateful for your wisdom on the situaiton at hand. I found myself in tears through your lamenting prayer. God bless you with continued wisdom as you speak out the truth.

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Always enjoyable and makes me think

I actually wait (with breathless anticipation) with the latest podcast. The snark related to the vipers and hypocrites is so deserved. The thoughtfulness at the end is so worth it. Stuart helps me believe in Jesus again. And that I’m not the crazy one (for not being a trumper)

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Easy to point out the sins of others... obviously liberal biased

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Snark Grace and Truth!!

Thank you for being awesome and doing what you do Mr. Delony.

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Raw, Honest, Real, Essential

What a fresh breath of air in the far-too often stagnant and divisive discourse of faith, life, reality and religion! Stuart invites all of us into a safe, welcoming, winsome space where we can literally come as we are and feel okay with our doubts, questions, worries and fears. This is what it means to be a community ...

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We need more of this.

Stuart brings to the fore what we should be talking about, especially for spiritual misfits who aren't sure where their place is anymore.

Snarky Faith
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