Mimetic Theory & Middle-earth

Mimetic Theory & Middle-earth

This week on Snarky Faith, we're thrilled to have Jon Turney, the author of In an engaging blend of literary scholarship and accessible philosophy, Matthew J. Distefano offers readers a fresh perspective on J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved creation, focusing on the unassuming yet profoundly wise Hobbits. 

Through the application of mimetic theory, the book examines how desires are influenced and shaped by those around us, using Hobbit society as a mirror to our own. Distefano skilfully navigates the intersection of fantasy and reality, prompting us to question the foundations of our social interactions, aspirations, and the very fabric of our communities. 

With wit and clarity, the book not only pays homage to Tolkien's work but also extends an invitation to adopt a more thoughtful, Hobbit-inspired approach to our lives and relationships. It's an enlightening read that promises to enrich the podcast discussion, offering listeners both a deeper understanding of a literary classic and practical insights into living a more connected, meaningful life.

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Get Mimetic Theory & Middle-earth: Untangling Desire in Tolkien's Legendarium here: https://amzn.to/3TNnJ8B

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