RJ the Astronaut

RJ the Astronaut

This week on Snarky Faith, we're thrilled to have Jon Turney, the author of RJ the Astronaut, for a revealing conversation about his groundbreaking novel. Turney opens up about the inspiration behind RJ's character — an astronaut embroiled in a profound existential and spiritual journey across the cosmos. The discussion unveils the depths of questioning and understanding that form the core of the narrative, highlighting the novel's exploration of faith, doubt, and the human condition through the unique lens of space exploration.

Diving deeper, Turney reflects on the challenges and revelations of weaving together science fiction with existential philosophy, aiming to engage readers in a dialogue about the nature of belief and the quest for meaning in an expansive, indifferent universe. Our conversation traverses the thematic landscapes of the book, from the silent echoes of space to the intimate whispers of the soul, offering listeners an intricate look at the creative process behind depicting the vastness of space as a backdrop for the intimate spiritual journey of RJ. Join us as we navigate the stars and the depths of the human spirit with Jon Turney in an episode that promises to expand horizons and challenge perceptions.

We'll talk about all that and plenty more snark!

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