The Catch-Up

The Catch-Up

In this episode of Snarky Faith, we delve into the discussion of our collective struggles with the state of the world and the overwhelming noise surrounding everything. Drawing from Brene Brown's idea that faith minus vulnerability equals extremism, let's talk about the questions around why Americans seem to be doubling down on religious culture issues as religion declines in the country.

The faith seems to be obsessed with things that no longer encapsulate faith or the teachings of Jesus but rather fear, selfishness, and pride. To counter this, we must realize that vulnerability is the key because faith plus vulnerability results in extravagant love. 

This is our mission and calls to push ourselves pushing onward toward what is good, loving, and kind is the path. It's what Jesus taught and it's what's required of us if we want to walk in the ways of Christ. 

We'll talk about all that and plenty more snark!



Show notes

Episode Timestamp:

I'm Back: 2:20

Christian Crazy: 5:00

Vulnerability: 27:20


Featured Crackpots, Grifters, and Prophets: Robert Jeffress, Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, and more...


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