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Faith and War

a snarky interview with author Logan Issac

Things in life are rarely as simple as black and white. With the Christian faith,  we love to create easy binary viewpoints. It’s either this or that. Things are either good or bad. It’s one of Christianity’s biggest blind spots because life is rarely that simple. Any theology that discounts the nuance of life, is probably bad theology. This week on the show, we have activist Logan Isaac discussing faith and war. Logan is Christian soldier and Iraq veteran who is also an author, advocate, and entrepreneur that seeks to cultivate conversation and community around religion and armed service. Can a Christian be a combatant? Can we live as honest people in the eyes of both God and country? Is there something beyond the binaries we set up between Patriot and Pacifist? Join us as we break down the binaries of these often debated topics when it comes to faith and war.

If you’re interested in finding more out about Logan head on over to his website. 

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.




Beatitudes and a Different Way to Live part 2

Snarky Faith 1/25/16


A rundown of how politics and the rhythms of American life run into conflict with the way of Jesus. Join us as we continue our talk about the beatitudes and how the Sermon on the Mount calls us live out a new ethic that requires us to look differently at violence in culture. Are we right on or way off? Tune in to find out.