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A snarky take on tearing it down and building it back up

Deconstruction can be a pastime, heck we do it on this show fairly often. The real work begins once you’ve walked past the wreckage and begin to build something out of the chaos. Brandon Carleton is a pastor from Rock Island, IL who tore it all down but did the hard work of building his faith back up again. Join us today as we talk through what it looks like to deconstruct one’s faith and the long road to build it back again. Brandon has written a new book, Meaningful Again: How one Pastor Questioned Everything & Found Comfort and in Uncertainty. We’ll talk about his journey and why doubt is an essential ingredient in faith.

You can find Brandon’s book here.

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

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Leatherbound Terrorism

A Kratzer take on Conservative Evangelicalism

Chris Kratzer is that unique voice crying out from the wilderness in these crazy times. Conservative Evangelicalism has become a cancer on American Christianity. In his new book, Leatherbound Terrorism, Kratzer is an absolute wrecking ball. He speaks in real, raw, and honest truths exposing how far Christianity has moved from its source.

Through his own experiences serving as a conservative pastor for 23 years, Chris shares stories from his journey of disillusionment and the nagging questions that eventually awakened him to the depths of God’s grace. Chris is a brave truth-teller and a unique voice.

If you’ve also found yourself disillusioned by the church, this is the book for you. It holds no punches, but it’s also hopeful as it offers an alternative to a faith that has long been hijacked, institutionalized, and monetized. The church is broken and in need of fixing.

This book is a hope-filled message that needs to be heard in the age of Trump and the Religious Right. It reminds us God’s love wins out. There is hope. There is more. This book is a call to step outside of institutionalized Christianity in order to find Jesus.

Join us for a wild ride as we talk with Chris about Leatherbound Terrorism. The book is a great read and this show is a wild ride. Enjoy!

Come along for the ride as we skewer through life, culture, and spirituality in the face of a changing world.

Leatherbound Terrorism is available on Amazon 

For more on Chris Kratzer click HERE

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The Divine Dance Interview with Mike Morrell

The Divine Dance Interview
A snarky take on the Trinity and The Divine Dance

Snarky Faith 12/13/16


A rundown of the new bestselling book, The Divine Dance, with co-author Mike Morrell. Mike wrote the book with spiritual heavyweight Father Richard Rohr. Does the Trinity really matter today in contemporary Christianity? Morrell and Rohr would assert an affirming, “YES!” So join us as we delve into why the Trinity matters in today’s world, what this means for us and how we can return again to our spiritual roots. Anyone in the mood to dance with us?

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Download an exclusive bonus chapter to The Divine Dance over at Mike’s blog here.

WARNING: this interview may rankle the ire of Calvinists and the Gospel Coalition, but that just means all the more snarky fun for the rest of us! Enjoy.


A Post-Election Mess and Unchurching Part 2

A snarky take on the post-election aftermath

Snarky Faith 11/15/16


A rundown of the post-election mess through the lens of teenagers. I (Stuart) attended a recent denominational youth conference with my daughter and experienced a race-related mess that could have been averted. Will Christians ever learn how to do the right thing instead of covering their own asses? Probably not. We’ve also got the second part of the Unchurching interview with the great Richard Jacobson. Join us for the talk about balancing faith in the face of institutional trappings. There’s always hope, but, that’s usually on the path least taken.

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Unchurching part 1

A snarky interview with Richard Jacobson

Snarky Faith 11/08/16


An interview and rundown of the new book Unchurching: Christianity without Churchianity with author, Richard Jacobson. Is there hope for Christianity in America? Could there be another way? Join us as we talk with Richard and delve into an alternative path. There’s also some snarky bits on voting! production. Is this a viable third option? Is there another way out of the capitalist system that we find ourselves mired in and yet holds to the principles of faith? Join us as we skewer through life, culture and spirituality.

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