Theological Musings from a Tattooed Theologian

Theological Musings from a Tattooed Theologian

Brace Yourselves, This is Theology Unfiltered

Hey Snarky Faith listeners, brace yourselves! We've got a treat for you—a theological espresso shot that'll jolt you awake, whether you're ready for it or not. I sat down with Dillon Naber Cruz, the mind behind "Theological Musings: Collected Essays of a Tattooed Theologian, Vol. 1," and let me tell you, this isn't your run-of-the-mill theology talk. This is more like a high-speed chase through a maze of moral and existential dilemmas.

What We Cover:

  1. Complex PTSD and Theology: You thought those terms couldn't be in the same sentence? Think again. Cruz explains how personal trauma shapes and complicates our theological landscapes. Spoiler alert: It's not pretty, but it's damn insightful.
  2. Faith's Dark Corners: Cruz isn't here to spoon-feed you doctrine; he's here to tear down your theological house of cards and dare you to rebuild it. We delve into the questions most theologians prefer to ignore. You've been warned.
  3. The Gritty Kind of Hope: Forget about that pie-in-the-sky optimism; Cruz talks about the hope that you earn, the kind that's been through the wringer and still stands. Can such hope exist in a world of chaos? Tune in to find out.

Why You Can't Miss This:

Look, if you're content with your sanitized, bubble-wrapped faith, this episode might not be for you. But if you're tired of simplistic answers to complex questions, if you're itching for a faith that engages with the real world, this is an episode you can't afford to miss. Cruz doesn't just push the envelope; he sets it on fire.

So grab your beverage of choice, and settle in for a ride. You'll walk away from this episode with more questions than answers, but trust me, you'll be better for it.

We'll talk about all that and plenty more snark!

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